There is no more cost-effective advertising method available than wraps. As an example, the cost per impression of a vehicle wrap is significantly less than radio, television, billboards, and yellow pages. In addition, your wrap is working to promote your business 24 hours per day.

All wraps involve three phases. First, one of our Impact wrap specialists will get the appropriate measurements, and do a design per your specifications. Second, the graphics will be printed and laminated to protect from abrasion and UV rays. Third, the wrap will be installed on your vehicle, wall or floor.

This depends on the job. A vehicle, for example, can usually be wrapped in a day or two – depending on size & complexity. Your Impact Wrap Expert will be able to advise you on the proper time line.

No – not at all. In fact, it will actually serve as a protective layer from the elements, road grime, & rock chips. And there is no sticky, gummy residue left behind when the wrap is removed.

Again, this depends on the job. On average, an Impact Wrap will run anywhere from $10 – $15 per square foot plus any applicable design time and sales tax.

That depends on the application. If you are doing the inside walls of your business, the wrap could be good indefinitely, depending on sun exposure. Typical vehicle wraps are good for 3+ years. Floor wraps in high-traffic areas don’t last quite so long because of all the traffic.